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November 18, 2012
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Miyabi Fujikawa by BrAndProductions Miyabi Fujikawa by BrAndProductions
Making her Debut, Aspiring Idol Miyabi Fujikawa!
-A and B

Miyabi Fujikawa is a 2nd year at Shirokami Academy. Miyabi has light purple hair and green eyes, she is a very charismatic girl and is loved by everyone in the school. Miyabi wishes to become an 'idol' and she has the potential to become one, her voice is beautiful as well as her appearance. 5 years ago, Miyabi used to live in the Fujikawa Mansion with her mother and father; one night, Miyabi's parents were having a very big argument about a maid in training and her mother stormed out of the house, threatening to divorce her father. Miyabi loved her mother very much and chased after her into the night and since then has been living with her mother instead of her father. In the present, Miyabi auditions constantly to become an 'idol', but everywhere she does, she gets turned down almost instantly because of the reputation Miyabi and her mother gained after leaving her father. Miyabi's father is a very powerful man and will do anything to get back at Miyabi and her mother for embarrassing the Fujikawa name, even destroying his own daughter's dream.

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